Ally has been an amazing addition to our family we love her so much she's so sweet! She got a clean bill of health from the vet and one week in she's mostly potty trained and is crate trained! Our older husky Sierra loves her so much they're buddies! Thank you again!

Jaclyn smit

Hi Mary,

I took this picture this morning, of Scout and Suzy. Just had to share it with you. He and Suzy share a very special relationship. He is such a good boy. He’s the love of my life! (Shhhh! Don’t tell David or the girls I said that! Ha!)

Scout turned three in April. He’s doing great! He loves to go on walks in the morning, when it’s cool. This time of year, you’ll find him lying on the A/C vent! This afternoon he’s going to “Doggy Camp” for a week, while we go on vacation. There’s a great dog trainer in town that keeps him when we travel. He always comes back with good manners. Ha!

I hope you are well! We love to check the website and see the puppies. I’d love to have another!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my family says NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My cat says HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just wanted to give you an update on Kiya. She is doing great. She is our most behaved dog by a long shot, although she is very stubborn. She absolutely WILL NOT listen to my step dad or brother, and it drives them crazy. She won't even let them let her outside or bring her inside. She only really responds to me or my mom. She is also very territorial. My room is HER room; she just shares it with me and dares anyone or anything to step foot inside it. She is so friendly though. She is the center of attention everywhere we go. She demands the attention of anyone in the room. If they aren't paying her attention, she vocally lets them know that it is not okay to not notice her. I just absolutely love her, and her grandmother (my mom) has her spoiled rotten. I need to bring her to visit sometime since we live relatively close.
Hi  Mrs. Christopher, 

I am truly sorry for not getting this update to you sooner. Fiona is doing wonderfully. She is one super smart cookie. Her vet told me  that she is absolutely healthy and robust and that she is just a beautiful puppy. She is just growing so much on a daily basis. She is just the spitting image of her beautiful mother Kendra.

She has picked up on potty training super quickly and is getting so close to being fully housebroken. Also, she and I are working on some obedience training as well. She's almost got "sit" and "wait" mastered. 

Every where that I take her, people always compliment me on how gorgeous she is and ask where I got her from. I always tell them about you and all of your beautiful Siberian Huskies. I will be giving you another update when I take her back for her next set of puppy vaccinations. 

Words cannot express how thrilled I am having her in my life. She is just an all around wonderful and excellent puppy. I have attached a few photos of her on here.

Hi Mary,

I finally had a bit of time to sit back and send you an update on Sirus. After his first week here he’s still doing great. He’s already started getting a little bigger and has just been a whirlwind of fun ever since we’ve had him. Everyone in the neighborhood is beginning to know him by name simply because he is so beautiful. I just wanted to let know you that we couldn’t be happier with the little guy and that I’m extremely glad we came to your ranch for our husky. I’m attaching a few photos of Sirus in his new home.

I’ll keep you updated as he gets older. Thanks again.

Ross and Stacie

Hi Mary!
  In a few days Obi will be 4 months old and we wanted to share with you how big he's gotten and how he has been doing.
  He's very vocal, we talk to him all the time and he talks back. He knows sit, stay, drop it, no, lay down, shake and high five. He's fully potty trained and he has finally decided that he really enjoys cuddling.
  Our apartment got a dog park so he's been playing with other dogs and learning how to be more socialized. We just had a checkup and the vets today and they say he's very healthy and very energetic!
  We are so thankful to you for providing us with this wonderful addition to our home. Obi is smart and sweet and everything we could ask for in a dog, and we know a lot of that comes from experienced breeders who pick the best dogs to pair up for awesome puppies. The next husky we get will definitely be coming from y'all and every time someone asks where we got Obi I immediately recommend y'all and talk about how how awesome you were and how great y'all's facility was.
  Thank you so much!
Natalie and Rhett Butler

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Togo, on his 3 month birthday. He seems to be very intelligent and learns very quickly. He also has a very

sweet disposition and is very attached to Lynn and me. We took him to have his last checkup and final shots this past Saturday. Everything was good and he weighed 24 lbs.

He is the king of the clinic when he visits. Everybody at the clinic comes out to see him and get pictures made with him. The vet says he is one of the prettiest husky puppies

that they have as a patient. The Doctor wanted to know where we got him and we always give Christopher’s Husky Ranch a good recommendation. She always talks about

how well-bred Togo is. (markings & disposition)

As you can see from the pictures he looks a lot like Zeus. I hated to see that you are having to find another home for Nakoda. She is such a pretty girl I hope

that you can find her a good home. We would take her but we already have another adult dog who is Togo’s adopted brother and playmate.

Bob & Lynn Hill

Hi Mary,
It's been almost 4 months since I brought Basha and Behr home (from Sasha's litter). They are two blessings in my life and I can't imagine my life without them. They are the sweetest, most loving dogs. They receive tons of compliments and everyone wants to pet/play with them. Basha is a talker and loves to play! Behr is quieter and a mama's boy :) Their personalities are different, but do a nice job of balancing each other out. They love to play hard and take naps to recharge. They also love to go on hikes when it's nice out. 
It snowed a few times in Nashville recently and having never experienced snow before, they were a little suspicious at first but quickly figured it out and would play forever in the snow. 
They graduated from their puppy class a few weeks ago and made lots of new puppy friends. They're growing at super speed! They were weighed a few weeks ago and Behr was at 42 lbs and Basha weighed in at 30 lbs! They're healthy and loving and just absolutely perfect!! I also recently took them to visit family in Michigan and they had so much fun in the deep snow that they hardly ever wanted to come inside. I have attached a few recent pictures... one shows the difference from when I visited them at 10 days old to our last puppy class when they were almost 5 months old. 

Thanks again for these two amazing dogs!
Stephanie Seeley

Hey Mary. Just giving you a update on Moro. She has had all here shots and is doing extremely well. She is 4 months today and was approximately 22 pounds. Full of energy and loves to play. She is a great pup and training is going nicely.

Proud husky dad,