Just wanted to drop a line and tell you about our new pup. She just made 5 months and is quite a character. She is growing by leaps and bounds and is doing excellent.
She is truly a brilliant dog, well bred. She learns commands in less than 5 minutes and when not distracted, retains most of what she learns. Tempered with utterly beautiful markings, her temperament is all we could have asked for, even with our friends children, very gentle even as a puppy.
We will surely be a multiple repeat customer and have recommended you to many who have inquired. WELL worth the trip! THANKS!
Here is a few pictures of Tatyana who I have nick named "snacker", Loves a good puppy snack.
On the way home:
Roll Tide Roll!!!
Koda is still a blessing around the house and it has been awesome watching him grow.  He has really loved this cold weather.  I have attached a few pics of him.  He is healthy and growing fast and has made several friends around the lake.

Just an update on Octavian. He just got his doggie flu shot and will be getting fixed in a few weeks. He's encountered his first fire (from the fire place) and his first flood (my neighbhorhood in GA flooded in October) and I'm actually almost looking forward to the promised snow flurries this weekend to see how he does with that. He loves the rain, but seems to have slight separation anxiety... Thanks for all you did for him and me!

 I've enclosed some pictures.

Thanks and hope all is well,

Hey Mary,
I hope this email finds you well.  We wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Yana.  She is spoiled rotten and in obedience school.  Of course, she out-shines the other dogs in the class :-)
Jeff and Melanie
Hi Mary,
I wanted to write and update you on Yuki, and also encourage others who are looking for a husky to love, to be assured that they will be more than happy if they choose to make one of your huskies part of their family. I couldn't love Yuki more. She is beautiful, playful, and completely spoiled. She has done wonderfully in training, and she still gets tons of compliments and nice pats on the head by strangers in Petsmart who are completely entranced by her eyes. I couldn't be happier with her. She goes everywhere with me. She's a girl's, and everyone who meets her, best friend. Thank you so much.
-Katie Barker

P.s. Here are some pictures of her since living with us.
Dear Mrs. Mary,
     Our puppy, Izzy Mikayla is 7 months now and growing like a weed. We've grown to love her tons she's definantly a momma's girl. Her personality is the sweetest she loves every person or dog she meets. We love her so much and want another husky from you guys one day. Hope all is well, just wanted to catch you up on how she's doing and send some pics! Thanks again!
                        Love always,
                         Izzy, Brittany , and Cory
Hello there...How have you guys been? Just wanted to let you know that Yuki has been great! She is the light of our lives, She makes us smile every single day. Again, We would like to thank you for blessing us with our baby. I attached a couple of her newest picture from when we took her to the snow and one while she is sleeping! Have a great day!
Best Regards,
Mary ann

Hello Mary!

I hope you and your family had a fantastic holiday season! Juno is now 7 months old and she is absolutely amazing, we could not have asked for a better puppy. She is well mannered and very smart. Juno is about 38lbs, so I think she is pretty close to her adult size. She knows lots of tricks and is full of energy, but also loves to cuddle on the couch. Juno lights up our lives and keeps us laughing everyday. Thank you again! I attached a picture so that you can see how beautiful she is :)


 Hi, I bought a puppy from you almost a year ago. She was from Crimson and Nikki's litter. She's fixing to turn 1 year old soon. I never thought I could love an animal so much. Ashe is a great dog!! She's very well natured and friendly. She LOVES other people and other dogs. Her best friend is my sister in laws golden retriever. She does all kinds of tricks too!! She sits, shakes, lays down, speaks, rolls over, bows, fetches, and begs.
  Anyway, I was looking at your website just now and Crimson isn't listed as one of your male dogs. Why aren't ya'll breeding him anymore? He produced a great dog in Ashe. I was just curious. Anyway, thank you for bringing Ashe into our lives, she has been the source of much happiness in our home.
I apologize for taking so long to send you guys some pics of Kodi.  He's doing
great and having a blast picking on his big sister Lacey (she's our Lab if you
remember).  I hope you don't mind that I suggested you guys for one of my troops
over here in Iraq.  He's stationed at Little Rock AFB in Arkansas and he's a
great kid.  I appreciate you helping him out.  Sorry about the red eyes in the
pictures.  His eyes are a very pretty blue of course.  They didn't change.  He
still has the reddish tint on his back but I don't think he minds.  Had a little
trouble house breaking him due to his stubbornness but we finally got him house
broken.  He walks great on a leash and has been sitting, laying and staying
since he was about 6 months old.  He's so smart.  Thank you so much for blessing
my family with him.  We couldn't have asked for more.

Battle Captain, JDOC
Joint Base Balad, Iraq

After a while we sending you a few pictures of Maya, our amazing dog that we bought from you in April. She was born in 4/14/09 to Nicky and Max.
As you can see we love her so much and she is a great dog. You have a few pictures when she was 3 months old and a few from the last month.
I will be thank full if you will answer to this mail if you will get it, and either if you'll a few pictures in your web.
Solange and Lior.

Hey Mary sorry it took so long to write back and give an update on Maya and Bear when we first got Maya early march and we took her to our first vet checkup the vet said she was well bread, very big bone structure and you are a very good breeder and she was very very healthy.
Then we got Bear in late July and his first vet checkup was the same as Maya's checkup. Our vet went bananas over Bear that his health and bone structure. He said about both dogs had a free spirit about them.
He said that out of his 15 years being a vet you where the best breeder for husky he has ever seen. How you care for them feed them and give them their shots and chip them. He knows you do it not just for the money but you love them all like they are your own children. He said that shows in the puppies.
Myself and Cindy both want to thank you for our puppies. We love them very much!!!!

ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve & Cindy Lang
Hello Mary 

This is Ingrid McVay, we took Lord von Lusion to the vet and he said this is a very healthy puppy he is laid back and easy going. The vet said Lord von Lusion has all green lights. We are in love with Lusion. Tigger and missy (cats) doing just wonderful around Lusion. Tigger and Lusion touched nose to nose they both back up and sit down looking at each other it was to cute. Missy is getting slowly used to him same for tigger. They will be best friends in no time. I have attached some Pictures of Lusion. I will keep you updated.

Ingrid McVay
Suka is doing great and is growing into quite the dog. She’s been with us almost a year now. (She’s house trained and box trained which is great and we are training her on the invisible fence J She is so FUNNY and is a life force into herself! She is always playful and teases us with her antics….some very mischievous and we laugh just watching her. She is so EXPRESSIVE – it’s like she talks to you with her funny faces, noises and movements – she prances around like she is royalty. (Suka also keeps our little Boston Terrier quite fit.) If Kelsey is on the sofa, Suka is always trying to get up to wrap herself around his shoulders…she definitely likes to be the Queen and considers Kelsey her King. We get so many compliments on her – people ooh and ahh and go on and on about how pretty she is! We love to take her out and show her off J She is always a gentle and “regal” little lady and…sweet with people. She LOVES people!

Thank you!

Debbie and Ken Hamby (Kelsey too)

Hi Mary,
Zoe is just a bit over 3 years old now. Love her to death. She is way too spoiled. We have been walking trails and she seems to love it. We took our engagement photos in dec and included her. See attached below. On New Year's Eve she was so tired from all the excitement and visitors she didn't want to miss anything so she fell asleep on me. She loves her backyard and makes sure everyone knows that it is hers. She has also taken my trampoline. She has a new toy monkey that she loves! And she loves this crazy cold weather!!!